Twice – Kura Kura

Twice are one of the very rare groups, who can actually make me enjoy their japanese releases or even check them out in the first place, since most kpop groups tend to release very basic or mediocre songs for the japanese market, which is a shame. Not Twice though. They haven’t disappointed me since Fake & True, so nobody is surprised I enjoyed this song quite a lot.

Kura Kura has first of all extremely gorgeous visuals and colour palette presented in the music video, which makes listening to this song even more enjoyable. It’s a fun, upbeat song, with a hint of heaviness in the background. I think it furthers away from Twice’s ”typical” japanese sound and instead incorporates more elements from their korean releases. For me personally a really good approach.

The absolute best part is the intro melody, which instantly draws a listeners in and grabs their attention. At least it did that for me. This melody reappears two more times during the song, which is too little for me, but leads to me anticipating it even more. The actual verses are solid and hold up well enough to not get you bored. Mina opening up for once, instead of Nayeon, feels new and fresh. Where the song loses my the most is in the chorus. I’ve listened to it around 6 or 7 times by now and it is growing on me little by little. Still not my favorite though, which I can’t explain why. Especially their j-pop songs tend to have all their catchiness in the chorus, but I guess Kura Kura is an exception. I’m sure with time it will grow on me even more, since it is a definitive grower.

The only downside to this song, which really bothers me, is the misplacement of Chaeyoung’s rap. While Dahyun’s sounds extremely fitting and flows well with the melody, Chaeyoung’s simply leaves the flow and goes into it’s own direction. Could be fine, if done better, but this certainly wasn’t the case here. Unfortunatly their producers tend to do this a lot in their japanese releases. I sometimes think they don’t even know how to use her rapping skills to their fullest advantage.

Overall I give this song 8.25, which for a japanese release…Almost couldn’t be higher!

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